Jamie Kane, with Fenne Saedt | March – June 2021

Artist in residence
JAMIE KANE | winner Leoprijs 2020
with Fenne Saedt

MARCH – JUNE 2021 | Gastatelier Leo XIII

The Leoprijs residency will allow me to to take advantage of Tilburg’s various production centers to deepen an emerging material aspect of my practice in order to develop a new body of work that takes my great grandfathers diary as a starting point.

During my time at The Piet Zwart Institute, I began to work much more closely with physical materials particularly paint, glass and various metals. This is something I want to explore much further during the residency, particularly with regard to my moving image works. The Leoprijs residency will allow access to Tilburg’s various production centers and cultural institutions, particularly the library, collection and makers facilities at the Textile museum/TextielLab as well as the laser-cutting and printing available at Fablab. My installations often bring various materials, stories and temporalities together and my paintings can often be characterised by a loose gestural style. I’d like to explore how gestures can be extended in time and how the process of tying together relationships can be physicalised. I can see this happening through working with TextielLab to use their weaving and digital embroidery facilities. Exploring these new ways of making, in turn may lead to research into the social and material histories of these processes. As central to these techniques are small units of time that repeat to form a whole a quality that is shared by some of my moving image work.

A starting point for my research would be a diary my great grandfather Alexander Johnstone kept around 1914. Alexander’s diary contains poems, notes from conversations and self reflection, as well as documenting his self education in socialism, that becomes entangled with life in the village he resided in until his death. The writing flows over the graphic format of the diary so that the demarcation of days and months become irrelevant. Printed in the diary are not only the year, month, date, but the phases of the moon, signs of the zodiac, a list of birthstones, pages for double entry book keeping, fragmentary maps of the world, as well as a curious, a-chronological list of the First Historical Things. What I find exciting about this object is how it conflates numerous means of registering time, holding the personal, social and planetary simultaneously in material form to create a rounded and ambivalent depiction of a time period.

As a way of researching and producing, I look, read, write, paint, film and sculpt simultaneously to build various directions in my process. Some ways of making are followed through to produce a work, with others put aside and filtered out. Nothing is ever wasted though, only repurposed in the future. Therefore I’d intend to approach the residency in a holistic manner, by recording the different stages of my process through video and other means, thereby forming material and lines of enquiry for the future as well as developing a specific body of work during the residency.

Residency proposal, by Jamie Kane

Winner Leoprijs 2020


The Pump, Jamie Kane
Alchemy Film Festival
1 May 2021 | 18:00
https://alchemyfilmandarts.org.uk | @alchemyfilmandarts

Cannonball in the Garden, Jamie Kane
European Media Art Festival
21 – 25 April 2021
https://www.emaf.de/de/index.html | @european.media.art.festival


JAMIE KANE • Jamie Kane’s (SCO) practice can be likened to the behaviour of a dump, where time, information and material, bear upon, decay, and fuse with each other. The economy of the dump is one where temporalities, hierarchies, values and knowledges are loosened, undone and attributable in new ways. Although it is not always apparent, his biography is often a point of departure for the work, particularly his upbringing within a small village in the north of Scotland. His family has lived in this place for over a hundred years after his ancestors squatted the cottage that he was brought up in. This place and its surroundings enter into his work both directly and obliquely. He is interested in the personal, social and material stories of the things around us and how these build a set of affinities through time, that resonate and effect the present. This results in works predominantly in video, audio, sculpture and text, that strategically move between the minor, micro or ephemeral, to speak out to the major, macro and the enduring. Whether this is in finding an arsenic bottle protruding out the soil, the colour schemes of accommodation for seasonal farm labourers, the shifts in local dialect with that of economy, or old video footage found on a hard drive, who’s author is unknown; materials and the non-linear sets of relations they accumulate with time are drawn upon and intervene into the present.

FENNE SAEDT • Fenne Saedt (NL) works as a freelance curator, editor and moderator. In 2017 she created the foundation of RUIS, an artspace for contemporary art that focuses on experiment and the development of young artists. Since then she has been the artistic director of this exhibition space in Nijmegen where she makes exhibitions in collaboration with young artists. She is also curator of the Expoplu Experiment section at Expoplu in Nijmegen, editor at contemporary art magazine mister Motley and scout/moderator for studio Omstand in Arnhem.

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