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DOMENIEK RUYTERS chief editor Metropolis M FENNE SAEDT independent editor, curator and moderator MARIA SCHNYDER curator at De Pont museum

It is with pleasure that the jury of the Leoprijs 2020 announces that this years’ prize is awarded to Jamie Kane (1989), who recently graduated (with distinction) from the MA Fine Art of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. From 34 submitted applications by artists that recently graduated from a Bachelor or Master studies in the Netherlands, the jury chose an inquisitive artist with an own visual language. Kane will live and work in the guest studio during the residency period from March to June 2021.

The jury of the Leoprijs 2020, this year consisting of Domeniek Ruyters, chief editor of Metropolis M, Fenne Saedt, independent editor, curator and moderator, and Maria Schnyder, curator at museum De Pont, Tilburg, was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of fascinating research, that led to moving projects and poetic works. The proposals alternated between the banality of everyday life, social issues, material experiments, to the desire to archive. The quality of the proposals was surprisingly high taking in regard the difficulty many had to face this year working under lockdown due to all COVID-19 measures.

By selecting Kane the jury chose for an artist whose work consists of paintings, collages, videos and installations, the search for narratives and material research plays a central role. Kane has expressed his wish to deepen an emerging material aspect of his practice in order to develop a new body of work that takes his great grandfather Alexander Johnstone’s 1914’s diary as a starting point. During his residency at Gastatelier Leo XIII Kane will be guided by curator Fenne Saedt, who is looking forward to the dialogue with the artist about his auto biographical study slowly transforming into material constructions.

Jury report, November 17th 2020

The jury would like to thank all artists who applied for sharing a glimpse into their thoughts and practice.
The Leoprijs is a yearly prize awarded to an artist who graduated form a BA or MA at an art-academy in The Netherlands in that year. The winner is granted a four month residency, a budget of 1000 euros, partnered with a mediator, a weekend long presentation and an online publication.


JAMIE KANE • Jamie Kane’s (SCO) practice can be likened to the behaviour of a dump, where time, information and material, bear upon, decay, and fuse with each other. The economy of the dump is one where temporalities, hierarchies, values and knowledges are loosened, undone and attributable in new ways. Although it is not always apparent, his biography is often a point of departure for the work, particularly his upbringing within a small village in the north of Scotland. His family has lived in this place for over a hundred years after his ancestors squatted the cottage that he was brought up in. This place and its surroundings enter into his work both directly and obliquely. He is interested in the personal, social and material stories of the things around us and how these build a set of affinities through time, that resonate and effect the present. This results in works predominantly in video, audio, sculpture and text, that strategically move between the minor, micro or ephemeral, to speak out to the major, macro and the enduring. Whether this is in finding an arsenic bottle protruding out the soil, the colour schemes of accommodation for seasonal farm labourers, the shifts in local dialect with that of economy, or old video footage found on a hard drive, who’s author is unknown; materials and the non-linear sets of relations they accumulate with time are drawn upon and intervene into the present.

FENNE SAEDT • Fenne Saedt (NL) works as a freelance curator, editor and moderator. In 2017 she created the foundation of RUIS, an artspace for contemporary art that focuses on experiment and the development of young artists. Since then she has been the artistic director of this exhibition space in Nijmegen where she makes exhibitions in collaboration with young artists. She is also curator of the Expoplu Experiment section at Expoplu in Nijmegen, editor at contemporary art magazine mister Motley and scout/moderator for studio Omstand in Arnhem.

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