Nu in het gastatelier

November 2020 – February 2021

artist in residence Bo Stokkermans,

with curator Jack Segbars

Bo Stokkermans (NL) In the performative context of survival, Bo Stokkermans presents himself as a possibility, as one of many who tries to survive, but also as something which tries to overcome and expand this survival; not in the sense of a solution, but as an ongoing series of gestures questioning the relation between self preservation and experiment. His work questions the possibilities of ‘being’ and explores the manipulability of ‘act’. This performative act tries to cary the responsibility of its own influence and is being receptive towards the current context and external influences. This way it acts based on the manufacturability of what Stokkermans believes is necessary at this moment, relating to the context and conditions he can grasp, in an ever changing balance between both personal and public, both autonomous and engaged.

Jack Segbars (NL) is a graphic artist, critic, curator and writer. He is primarily engaged with the conditions and parameters through which the concept of art is created. To this end, Segbars has investigated the different forms and positions that shape artproduction and that are at play in the formation of the notion of art: autonomous visual art, art in public space (including the neon text, Van Alles Is Weer Waardeloos/ everything is worthless again), the role of language and theory in the art discourse and the role of the curator. The interconnections between the different positions (critic, writer, curator and visual artist) are explored as artistic investigation.

Open Closet – Photo : Paul Braspenning
Leven met stenen – Photo : Bo Stokkermans
It is part XVIII and I’m here to be part of the assembly, and this assembly is no longer necessarily ceremonial – Photo : Jochem van Laarhoven
hut copy – Photo : Fatima Beker
De relatie tussen de drempel en de lat – Photo : Eline Baggen

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