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artist-in-residence LORELINDE VERHEES with scientist in philosophy and literature AUKJE VAN ROODEN July – October 2020

Lorelinde Verhees (NL)

Lorelinde Verhees is interested in the ways and various stages in which the meaning of an object is established. The act of depicting, and the image itself both play important roles as a reflective instruments. She uses assemblage and montage as methods to draw links between seemingly disparate things and visualize them. This approach often gets the physical form of an installation, in which she works with both her own, and appropriated objects, sculptures, video and images. Inspiration comes from the way different systems operate; be it (art) media – including photography, architecture, comics, film, language, art history and political systems. Within philosophy she’s interested in phenomenology and dialectics.

The object itself acts both as a stand-in to research a relationship (the relationship between the object and system in which it functions), on the other hand it represents a unique state of being that fascinates her. Can we know the object? How can we understand the re-appearance of an object (it’s relationship to depiction and reproduction)? How are image and object connected? Aukje van Rooden (NL)

Aukje van Rooden is Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Art and Culture at the Philosophy Department (UVA), and the Programme Director of the Research Master in Philosophy (UVA). Her work is situated in the fields of contemporary continental philosophy, comparative literature, and literary and cultural theory. She has published on various topics, including the conceptual history of literary autonomy, contemporary literary engagement, relational theories of literature, and the interrelation of art and politics in contemporary French philosophy (Sartre, Blanchot, Nancy, Rancière). Most of her work concerns the intersection of philosophy, literature, and politics and focuses on the social relevance of literature.

She has been a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University (2010-2012), a visiting scholar at Université Paris IV-Sorbonne (2004-2005) and Université Paris VIII-Vincennes-Saint-Denis (2008) and a visiting lecturer at the Avans-St Joost Art Academy (2005). She is a member of the editorial board of Wijsgerig Perspectief and a member of the scientific advisory board of the Maurice Blanchot Archives in Paris and Shift: International Journal of Philosophical Studies. She is also translator of works by Blanchot and Rancière and editor at the Dutch publishing house Parresia.

Aukje van Rooden has cum laude degrees in Philosophy (MA, 2003) and in Literary and Culture Studies (MA, 2001). In 2010, she received her Ph.D from Tilburg University, also cum laude.

Photos 1-3: Daisy Chain solo, by Lorelinde Verhees P/////AKT, Amsterdam Photos: Charlott Markus

Photos 4-5: Sculptural Reflection on Formal Scenery work period and presentation by Lorelinde Verhees Apice for Artists, Amsterdam Photos: Gert Jan van Rooij

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